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Thank you for considering making a gift in support of cancer research. Your donation in any amount will support our mission to advance human and animal health.

The Animal Cancer Care and Research Center represents hope for a brighter future in cancer care. The new center capitalizes on a strikingly rare opportunity to integrate researchers across disciplines investigating animal and human health, which leads to better quality and quantity of life for our animal companions and their owners.


Animal Cancer Care and Research Center Annual Fund

Support the greatest needs of the Animal Cancer Care and Research Center by making a gift of any amount today!

Animal Cancer Care and Research Center Research Fund

A hallmark of The Animal Cancer Care and Research Center is to not only provide world class cancer care, but also to use the center’s imaging capabilities to fight cancerous tumors that are common in both dogs and people. Your gift to the research fund will provide support to all research projects at the center.

Animal Cancer Center Compassionate Care Fund

The Compassionate Care Fund provides financial assistance to companion animals at the center whose owner may not be able to afford live-saving treatment on their own.

Grayton Friedlander Memorial Oncology Fund

Support the medical oncology service at the center with a gift to the Grayton Friedlander Memorial Oncology Fund, created by Michael Friedlander in memory of his beloved dog.

Visit the the Make a Gift page for more information on college priorities, ways to give beyond cash, featured donor highlights, and more! 

To support any of the highlighted support areas, you can follow the direct giving links provided. To support others funds online, you can follow the below instructions.

  1. Go to the secure Virginia Tech On-Line Giving page. This page will open in a new browser window so you may refer back to these instructions by minimizing the giving window.
  2. The "Select an area" dropbox will be prepopulated with "College of Veterinary Medicine.
  3. Use the "Select a fund" dropbox to select the fund you would like to support. If you wish to support a fund not listed, please select "Other" and a "Designation" box will appear where you can enter the fund name.
  1. Download and print our Gift Contribution Form (PDF)
  2. Make your check payable to "Virginia Tech Foundation, Inc."
  3. Send the completed form and your check to:
    College of Veterinary Medicine
    Development Office
    225 Duck Pond Drive
    Blacksburg, VA 24061