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Appointments and Referrals

Patient in treatment room at the Animal Cancer Care and Research Center

Providing innovative, compassionate cancer care for dogs and cats, the Animal Cancer Care and Research Center offers referral oncology service to practitioners in Virginia, Maryland, and surrounding states. All patients are seen by appointment only.

Refer a patient

  • The referring veterinarian must complete and submit a Patient Referral Form via online portal.
  • The Animal Cancer Center's case coordinator will contact the client to schedule an appointment. New patient appointments are scheduled Monday through Thursday.
  • Clients do not need to bring referral information with them for their scheduled appointment(s).
  • A member of the Animal Cancer Center's care team will communicate with the referring veterinarian while the patient is under the team's care.
  • Appropriate patient updates are provided to the client until the animal is discharged from the center.
  • Following the patient's discharge from the center, the care team appreciates receiving patient updates from the referring veterinarian and the client.


  • Veterinary practitioners may request a consultation by completing and submitting the Patient Referral Form via online portal.